There are somewhere beetween 7 to 10 million Puffins that come to Iceland every summer, compared to the 300 thousand humans that live there, that's a lot.

The Puffin is monogamous throughout it's life. Nesting starts in may, and the young bird hatches after approximately 6 weeks incubation. It leaves the nest 6 - 8 weeks after emerging from it's shell. Both parents see to the feeding and care of the young bird. They go to sea 5 - 10 times a day and fly up to 100km out each time to get food.

A puffin lives an average of 25 years. The oldest puffin ever caught was 35 years old, after a couple of questions it was let go the same day.

The average height of the Puffin is 20cm The average weight is 0.5kg To humans the males and females are identical. The average flight speed is 80km/hr and they never bump into each other. They are designed for that speed.

Only about 20% of the Puffin couples managed to have offspring in Iceland this year. Their food seems to be disappearing with the oceans getting warmer.

There are not only pictures of puffins at the exhibition.

The exhibition was at gallery "Auga fyrir Auga" Hverfisgata 35, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland. Planet, Earth. Open thursdays to sundays from 2 - 5 until the 5th of november. All of the images are shot in 101 Reykjavik and are printed on canvass. there are four images and two installation pieces from the exhibit not shown here. Much Love © Damon Younger 2007